Quality food, conveniently packed

The freshest of ingredients are rapidly frozen to lock in all that wholesome goodness your dogs need.


Defrosts quickly & evenly

Our products defrost in 1.5 hours with no water breakouts.


Clear packaging

Our clear packaging let’s you easily see what’s inside.


Saves Space

Our compact packs make space saving and organising a snitch!


Natural & healthy

We use the finest raw meat for healthier and happier dogs.

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Why Feed Raw?

Find out why we think Raw Feeding is the best approach, and read about the benefits that people have noticed.

Raw Feeding is a more healthy approach to the natural way your working dog should be fed, after all they are carnivores.

We as humans are being told ‘to stay healthy, we should eat healthy’. Should this not also apply to our dogs as well?

Providing them with the most natural and appropriate diet can only help in the demands of their working days.

  • Improved health and vitality

  • Cleaner teeth

  • Improved coat condition

  • Improvement in odour (breath & coat)

  • Improved immunity

  • Allergy control made easier

  • Mental stimulation through chewing meat and bones

  • Smaller and less frequent stools

  • Reduction in water drunk per day

  • Improved anal gland problems

  • Improved wellbeing from tailored diet

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